This Quirky Guide To Carpet Cleaning On The Northern Beaches will Help You Remove Salt, Sand and Stains

Oh the Northern Beaches. It’s a little slice of heaven where the sands and waves are golden. But the carpets… they have seen better days. It’s no secret that living near the ocean is ideal for Instagram, but may not be so great for your carpets by Salt air, which sticks to carpets like an old friend, and humidity are the two biggest enemies of our floor-friendly friends.

Here, cleaning carpets is not your usual chore. The carpet can’t be cleaned with a machine that is older than the youngest of your children. No sirree! The coast climate has its own unique set of surprises. The salt in the air from the ocean doesn’t only make chips better, it also burrows its way into your carpets. Don’t even get started on the effects of humidity. Think about it like a pampering day for molds, dust mites, and other bacteria. Yuck!

It’s interesting to note that not all carpets respond the same way to our beach lifestyle. Synthetic fibers hold onto the salt like a Koala holds on its tree. Natural fibers breathe more easily but still require some TLC.

We also love to bring nature inside. (Who wouldn’t?) It means that our carpets will get a little extra dirt, sand or soil from the beach or our adventures in the backyard.

Now, how can you help if you live in the Northern Beaches? Vacuuming every day is essential. Sometimes you need the professionals – carpet cleaners that know how to use eco-friendly materials. We all want to maintain our oceans in their purest form.

Cleaning solutions are more important than most people realize. Today, everyone wants to be green. Harsh chemicals are not an option. What we’re looking for are solutions that will clean without damaging our precious marine life.

Remember to keep the right timing. Summer is a time of parties and guests. There are also messes to be made (spilled drink tradition). This is the best time to get your carpets professionally cleaned, so you can show them off when you are showing off. Winter? Since you are already indoors, it’s a good time to clean up.

You might find it funny, but where you reside along the beautiful coasts will impact how you approach carpet cleaning. You live near bushland or a forest? You should include fire retardant cleaning products in your routine. Safety is always first. Just by the water or not? If you don’t want to grow a moldy garden in your home, moisture control is essential.

Keep your carpets looking good with regular cleanings tailored to our salty-air lifestyle. Don’t neglect your carpets with regular vacuuming and cleaning tailored for the salty lifestyle. After all, no one moves to Northern Beaches just for dirty floors.

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